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Integrate Our Values Directly Into Your Own Tools

Social Index API

Social Index helps you understand the ROI of your social media, influencer and content marketing campaigns.

Many of the world’s top brands and technology platforms alike trust Social Index to provide dollar values for the social media actions and endorsements that constitute EMV.

Both the general (cross-industry) and more precise vertical values are available through our API. The Social Index API is a simple tool for bringing real ROI values into your internal reporting system or analytics marketing platform to offer your customers the edge when judging the success of their social media marketing.

With one API call per day and our easy-to-follow, one-page integration guide, you have at your fingertips the industry’s leading source for earned media value.

The index helps brands and agencies take engagement and earned media ROI measurement to the next level.

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Ready to Access the Social Index API?

Access to the API is included with your monthly subscription to the Social Index 3.0 Member Area. Just sign up and fill out a request for access to the API and one of our staff members will reach out to provide an API key, documentation, and assistance with the onboarding.

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