Who Can Benefit From An Earned Media Strategy?

By Brandon Farley | July 27, 2023

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Measuring earned media on social media is relevant and beneficial for a wide range of businesses, brands, and organizations.

Here are some key roles and positions that should consider incorporating earned media into their marketing strategy:

  • Companies and Brands: Businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises, should measure their earned media on social media. Understanding the impact of organic exposure and engagement helps them gauge the effectiveness of their social media strategies and optimize their marketing efforts.

  • Marketing Departments: Marketing teams responsible for social media management and content creation should be actively measuring earned media. It provides valuable insights into the performance of their campaigns, content, and influencer partnerships, enabling them to refine their strategies.

  • Digital Marketing Agencies: Social media analytics is a crucial aspect of services offered by digital marketing agencies. By measuring earned media, agencies can demonstrate the value they bring to their clients' marketing efforts and make data-driven recommendations.

  • Influencers and Creators: Social media influencers and content creators who collaborate with brands should also measure their earned media value. It helps them showcase the impact of their endorsements and negotiate fair compensation for their partnerships.

  • PR and Communications Professionals: PR and communications teams should monitor and measure earned media to understand how media coverage and public mentions contribute to the overall brand reputation and visibility.

  • E-commerce Businesses: E-commerce companies can benefit from measuring earned media, especially when tracking the impact of user-generated content and customer reviews on social media platforms.

  • Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits can use earned media measurement to assess the effectiveness of their social media campaigns in spreading awareness and driving engagement for their causes.

  • Startups and New Brands: For startups and new brands looking to build brand awareness on social media, measuring earned media helps in understanding how their organic efforts are resonating with the target audience.

  • Event Organizers: Businesses and organizations running events can measure earned media to evaluate the success of their social media marketing and engagement during the event.

Any entity that has a presence on social media and seeks to understand the impact of their organic exposure, engagement, and brand mentions should consider measuring their earned media.

This includes companies, marketing teams, influencers, agencies, nonprofits, and event organizers looking to optimize their social media strategies and demonstrate the value of their efforts.

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