Making Earned Media A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

By Brandon Farley | July 27, 2023

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Earned media refers to publicity and exposure gained by a brand or business through organic means, without direct payment or ownership of the media channel.

It includes mentions, endorsements, shares, and coverage earned through word-of-mouth, social media, influencer marketing, press mentions, user-generated content, and other forms of media where the brand has not paid for the content or directly controlled its dissemination.

Measuring earned media is essential for several reasons:

  • Quantifying Marketing Impact: Earned media can have a significant impact on a brand's visibility, reach, and reputation. Measuring it allows businesses to understand the effectiveness of their organic marketing efforts and assess the value generated from these activities.

  • Comparing Marketing Channels: By measuring earned media alongside other marketing channels (e.g., paid media and owned media), businesses can compare the performance and ROI of different strategies. This comparison helps in optimizing resource allocation and marketing mix.

  • Justifying Marketing Investments: Earned media measurement provides tangible data to justify marketing investments to stakeholders and decision-makers. It demonstrates the return on investment and the value generated from organic exposure and engagement.

  • Identifying High-Performing Content: By tracking earned media, businesses can identify which content, campaigns, or influencers drive the most value. This knowledge enables them to refine their content strategy and focus on tactics that resonate with their target audience.

  • Assessing Brand Perception: Positive earned media mentions contribute to building a positive brand reputation. Measuring earned media helps in understanding how the public perceives the brand and identifies potential areas for improvement.

  • Optimizing Influencer Marketing: For influencer marketing campaigns, measuring earned media allows businesses to assess the impact of influencer endorsements. It helps in identifying influencers who generate the most value and optimizing future collaborations.

  • Tracking Industry Trends: Monitoring earned media helps businesses stay informed about industry trends, consumer sentiment, and emerging topics. This data provides insights to adapt marketing strategies to changing market conditions.

  • Enhancing Data-Driven Decision Making: Measuring earned media provides valuable data to inform data-driven decision making. It enables businesses to make strategic choices based on insights rather than assumptions.

Overall, measuring earned media is a crucial part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. It provides businesses with a deeper understanding of their brand's online presence, customer perception, and the impact of their organic marketing efforts. Armed with this information, businesses can refine their strategies, optimize their marketing mix, and drive better results for their bottom line.

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